The Story of Robert Ridgway
Robert Ridgway was one of this country's most well known Ornithologists. Among his many acomplishments Ridgway's Color Nomenclature for Birds is still used today World wide. Robert Ridgway grew up in Southern Illinois and retired in Olney where he  left land for Bird Haven, a refuge for birds which still exists in remants today. The book, in addition  to providing a biographical  account of Ridgway's life, recounts the period of time when  trees in the Wabash Valley rivaled those of the California Redwoods and the Illinois praries still harbored a  large  variety  of  species of birds and other wildlife.  Book contains several pictires. Museum published. paperback.  $7.00 at the  Richland Heritage Museum, Olney, Illinois. Add $2.00 if you desire shipping.

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